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About Us

GenGius offers Product Engineering and Technology R&D services for web and mobile application.

Our singular focus on product development, high level of technical expertise, ongoing investments in research, and an agile approach give us a competitive edge in building software products better and faster. Our expertise spans the domains of web applications, mobile apps, games, cloud computing, among others.

Started in 2004(Wireless Control Solutions) and founded in 2010, GenGius is headquartered in Los Angeles, with business offices and development centers in Los Angeles (CA) and Cleveland (Ohio).

Our Customers

"We have been consistently impressed by both GenGius’s performance on the job and expertise. They assigned project manager for us and his interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop a productive working relationship with us. Additionally, his deliverables are always made at a timely fashion. They also helped a lot when we released my app BlueprintApps."


"Another great job from GenGius engineer team. Thanks for Jason helped me to solve the technical problem and delivered adhoc testing before we released to iTunes store."


"Will work with you anytime and will recommend your services. GenGius made app from my idea, they worked closely with me and met face-to-face ... Great company in Los Angeles."


"Very concise and well informed responses. Jason answered all my questions about my proposed project and seemed to have a thorough understanding of the subject. Very pleased, and intend you use GenGius team."


"GenGius team is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable, very strong communication skills, and is a true delight to work with. They delivered my iPhone project (while meeting all my demands) on time."